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Art Status

Commissions- Open Stamp by Icelilly(chibis only)P. Commissions- Closed Stamp by IcelillyRequests- Closed by IcelillyCollabs- Friends Only Stamp by IcelillyArt Trades- Closed Stamp by Icelilly

To-do List



Funds needed (for my reference):

-Holidays: $0/500
-Help an idol: $21/100
-For friends in need: $0/500
-For pets: $0/100
-Mental/physical health: $0/~1,000
-New laptop: $0/~1,000

My Lovelies~

I still can't get over these butterflies.
You are just so perfect.
And I will do everything in my power
To make you realize that.




Nihl Ref Winter 2014 by Tremlin
Nihl Ref Winter 2014
Been fiddling with this ref for forever now make me stop. This is Nihl, they're a dragon thingamagig I designed a while ago.

-can shapeshift into a variety of forms (two on ref are most common)
-always wears the rings
-does not like gendered pronouns
-anatomy in anthro is androgynous
-tail is fucking ridiculous and long (drags ground in anthro)
-likes berries and anything planty
-gets really protective of anything small and childlike

Art and character (c) Tremlin
Autumn by Tremlin
Oh look personal art that isn't a reference what. I have been procrastinating on uploading this for the longest time...but I think I'm done nit picking it now *slowly lays down* Character I adopted from the amazing Litriu a while back and wanted to draw in an fall forest thing because her name is Autumn and I'm creative like that.

She looks sad because that water is probably hella cold. Or because she's gunna have to skim all those leaves out of that pond soon. Or something like that. I don't know ask her.

Practicing backgrounds and shit...I have a long way to go ahah.

This took fucking forever. I actually lined all those leaves and blades of grass. I stopped part way through to create atmospheric perspective...or because I got lazy, you decide. Either way I'm tired. Hope you enjoy~

Art and character (c) Tremlin
If you use this I will cut off your limbs ~♥</s></s>
Co064: It's Cold by Tremlin
Co064: It's Cold
Shaded tiny chibi commission for aliatheavensbow over on FA c: I was cold when I drew this so yep. Hope you like it ^^

Art (c) Tremlin
The commissioner alone has permission to use this.
Character (c) aliatheavensbow (FA)
Co063: Hold Still by Tremlin
Co063: Hold Still
Shaded tiny chibi commission for nano99 over on FA from last night's stream ^^ This was quite a challenge but I enjoyed it >u>

Art (c) Tremlin
The commissioner alone may use this.
Characters (c) nano99 (FA)
Livestream (offline) by Tremlin
Livestream (offline)
Sorry for the random cut off, livestream stopped working randomly xwx;;;; hope you all have a wonderful night, thanks for coming out ^^

***To commission: provide the commission type you want, so feral/antho and flat/shaded. Wait for me to confirm and add you to the list, then note me with a ref sheet and I will send you my paypal.

Artist's Rights

I reserve the right to post the finished commission wherever I please online, unless discussed before hand. I also reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time, I will not tolerate unreasonable or cruel commissioners.

Commissioner's Rights

You have the right to use the watermarked version of your commission for any online purpose, so long as proper credit is given. This includes posting the image on your own profile, in your own gallery, or on any site that you manage yourself. You may use the unwatermarked version of the image for personal, offline, uses; such as desktop backgrounds. If the commission is a gift, the giftee will also obtain these rights.

You may not sell any merchandise of the commissioned image unless a business agreement it worked out with me. You may have merch made for yourself of the image, but you may not sell that merchandise or attempt to resell the image as your own work.

Stream Rules:
-Don't start shit in the comments. I don't care about anyone's butthurt bullshit, and if I notice someone being a jerk they will have one warning before I ban them; permanently in some cases.
-Don't ask me to draw you something unless I say requests/commissions are open. It's offensive and discouraging.
-Links are allowed in the chat, but one bad link will cause me to put a ban on it (and probably the person who linked it) so please don't abuse it.
-Don't advertise in the chat, it's annoying.


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Tremmy, Jak, Lin
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United States
19 ~ Neutrois ~ Pansexual ~ Taken ♥


Picture by EmberEyeWolf

I'm a sickly thing currently enrolled in a university trying to make something of my life. My art is my escape from reality and how I get by, so this site and FA have become a sort of second home for me. I view my watchers as one big family, so everyone is welcome and accepted here. I am pretty shy and awkward, but I do my best to get back to comments as quickly as I can. Don't be afraid to ask me questions or say hi, I don't bite and I'll get back to you eventually.



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